Artist Statement

My practice investigates the human interaction with the virtual world and it is aiming towards sparking conversations on how to navigate this complex relationship between users and ubiquitous digital devices. Images are the primordial mean of interaction with the digital world, therefore, scavenging through their means of production and drawing connections between old and new elements is an important act in understanding the role of images in our culture. I disassemble soon to be obsolete display technologies and give them a new form, not only to break their magic and question their production means, but to highlight various features that are being concealed in their factory state. Moreover, synthetic images have reached a high level of realism as visual effects have breached from cinema screens into online platforms; these images have a great power of deception. Most of my work contains a mix of documented reality and digital photorealism that aims at creating a synthetic stage, tricking the eye and challenging the mind.

"Digital technology is racing towards a strange, asymptotic disappearance - the dissolution of the mediating device into the material it presents, the images coursing through and obscuring the screen’s own materiality.


Simona Fitcal’s work attempts to make these materials visible again. Fitcal’s installations

are constructed from decomposed screens

(mostly taken from discarded or aging computer monitors), each carefully dissected, re-assembled, and finally suspended in the gallery. "


Concrete Machines: Technology and

Material in Simona Fitcal’s Installations BY MAX SUECHTING


“The branch – once overhead, then, perhaps, underfoot – ties tangible reality to one that is artificially projected. Its shadows present an image whose very creation is traceable and whose accuracy becomes doubtful, requiring the viewer to scrutinize what he sees and to distinguish between appearance and presence.”


“The Slit” – Casting Shadows of Doubt




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