Seduction of Matter (2015) - Media Installation


Medium: The piece is comprised of three elements: one video projection, mapped on three custom made screens (wood and spandex), a video/animation displayed on a plasma screen, and a two channel audio piece.




Concept: The setup of the three elements creates a triangle of dialogues on the same topic: What is matter? The recent scientific theories shake our perception of matter and how we think about the dynamics of our physical world. The inquiry about reality nourishes our search for universal truth. By blending the substance of the polygonal objects with the digital material, I pursue a suspension of disbelief in order to make the viewer reflect on the material of our physical veracity in the digital era. In my works, the virtual appears to break away from the screens as a metaphor of a new sort of matter formed by bridging digital with physical elements. The animation portrays indistinguishable forms attempting to force their way through the fabric. The twisted shape of the polygons is reinforcing this short moment between the creation and destruction of the matter.


Installation at the Stanford Art Gallery 2015 (Hi5 group show)

© 2016 Simona Fitcal