LCD dome (2016) - Media Installation


17 video channel, 8 audio channel,

Deconstructed functional computer monitors

LED light bulbs, tree twigs



Installation and videos by Simona Fitcal, software assistance by Joshua Gervitz


Maintenance requirements: The installation can be left running non stop, but it needs a one click refresh periodically


The dome creates an environment where the viewer is simultaneously in the physical space, as well as in a virtual space. The dome shape is symbol of sacred spaces, meditative grounds, and I believe it constitutes an interesting analogy to our digital screens, as they become places in their own, where our mind travels and leaves our body behind. They also become a retreat, a safe space in an uncontrollable environment.

Behind each LCD screen, there is an object that becomes an integrated part of the video when looked at through the screen, allowing viewers to imagine stories about the shapes that resemble either animals or plants or organs.


Installation at Stanford Art Gallery

© 2016 Simona Fitcal